The D'ARAGONA GRAGNANO PGI pasta factory was born in 2013, after fifty years of experience in the world of white art, transmitted from generation to generation to each of us, with the aim of making the most of one of the best typical products of our Campania Region.

Our symbol evokes the 800's Gragnano and its ancient pasta production, which was carried out in several stages, all exclusively handmade. The philosophy of our company is to offer the final consumer a high quality, tasty and above all genuine product

All this combined with the research and selection of high quality raw materials, with the use of 100% Italian durum wheat semolina flour combined with the particular qualities of our spring waters.
Worked according to traditional and centenary methods with original bronze dies, drying takes place slowly in static ovens at low temperatures.

Gragnano Pasta, nationally protected since 2011, has obtained the recognition of the Protected Geographical Indication, approved by the European Commission on 11 October 2013. Thanks to the EU PGI trademark, Gragnano Pasta is protected against counterfeiting and abuse. Our essence is contained in the Pasta D'ARAGONA brand: a combination of signs that summarizes the history, tradition and passion that our city has for "macaroni" ...